Acro Yoga Workshop with Stephanie & Spencer York

About the workshop:
Come and learn, laugh, fall & play!

Date: 30th November 2019
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Price: $40 Member
$45 Non-member or 2 for $80

About us:
Steph and Spencer York are lovers of all things yoga and movement based learning. They began their AcroYoga journey under the tutelage of Dani and David Coulibaly who showed them the limitless potential of making shapes with a partner. Astounded by the joy of simple 'play', Steph and Spencer embraced a deeper level of trust and communication they hadn't thought possible. "Learning to laugh when we fall, to bring ourselves out of our comfortable zones has given us an appreciation for the strength, courage and resilience this practice can bring. We are deeply grateful and excited to share this amazing experience with you."

AcroYoga is a practice merging elements of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage.

In this 2hour intro workshop, Spencer and Steph will help you:
-Develop your strength, mobility and trust
-Take some time with a friend or partner to simply play
-Achieve movement you never thought possible!

All levels are welcome, come as you are with an open heart and a smile. Join us for some chai and nibbles afterwards.