STATE OF BEING 30 Day Journey

State of Being is a journey to unlock your truest essence, allowing you to create a life you want to live. Supported by the entire Be One team, the State of Being journey involves a commitment to practicing 30 classes in 30 days, daily meditation, 2 workshops, and regular check-ins.

The State of Being journey will take you within yourself; exploring and pushing your physical and mental boundaries, leaving you stronger, more mindful, and with a deeper sense of self. Included in your State of Being journey package is:

• 30 yoga classes at Be One
• 2 optional workshops to gain a deeper understanding of your yoga practice
• Track your progress on our journey board
• A gift bag of nutritional treats and wellness products to aid you in your journey
• Regular check-in sessions with our teachers to discuss and reflect on your journey

Date: 21st September to 20th October

Investment: $ 95 Members | $295 Non Members

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Dominique Nguyen