Class Types

Our yoga classes are suitable for people of all levels.



Vinyasa Flow (non heated)

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic and challenging flow practice. The class is structured to build strength and foundation while you explore a repertoire of poses and transitions. Be prepared to flow, play, and experiment with your practice and you will walk away feeling strong, refreshed and energized. Suitable for all levels


Hot Flow

 Our Hot Flow class is our signature class and takes place in a heated room, 37-40 degrees Celsius. A dynamic class that mobilises and detoxifies your body.  The flow part of the class comes from the natural transition from one pose to the next where your focus will be on connecting your movement to your breath.  A sweat-dripping class leaving you challenged, refreshed and fulfilled.


Yin (non-heated)

This is a slow practice of yoga. Yin yoga targets the deep tissues of your body in a way unlike any other yoga practice. A Yin pose is one that is held for a long time. In return, your connective tissues are gently stretched. Your body responds by making its tissues longer and stronger.


Hot Hatha

Our Hot Hatha sequence is designed to create space, opening and strengthening your body from head to toe. A more static practice that allows you to explore and discover your body. You will be guided into each posture helping you to develop mindful awareness in every pose, as well as with each breath. Bring balance, strength and flexibility into your body and mind.


Community Class

With ‘giving’ as one of our core values, our community class is one of the ways we give back. You will be guided by graduates from our 200-hour teacher training program, and will be lead through a unique and dynamic flow sequence. Our community classes are donation classes giving back to our local charity partners.