Is yoga for me?
No matter your experience level with yoga, we welcome you into our safe and supportive space. Our philosophy is that yoga is for people of all levels of experience, body shapes, capabilities, and backgrounds. Yoga allows you to move your body, change your mind, and be at one with your soul.

How does hot yoga differ from yoga?
Hot yoga refers to yoga poses performed under hot conditions. Our hot yoga studio is heated using far-infrared heat panels to 38-40 degrees celsius.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Practicing yoga builds self awareness. Bringing your attention to your physical body, your breath, and the thoughts passing through your mind allows you to tune in to your self in a way that no other physical exercise class does.  Improved self awareness can benefit every part of your life, your relationships, the way in which you manage stressful situations, the way in which you feed your body, and the way in which you understand the workings of your body.  

Strengthening and stretching your muscles improves muscle tone and flexibility and mobility resulting in long lean muscles.  

What are the benefits of heating the yoga studio with Far Infrared heat panels?

Far infrared heat panels feel like the heat of the warm sun shining on your body.  The rays penetrate deep under the surface of the skin warming the body more efficiently from the inside out.  This promotes better circulation, better detoxification through the surface of the skin, and warms the body more quickly aiding flexibility of your muscles during your yoga class.

You can expect to sweat more than you would in a regular non-heated yoga class thereby aiding the bodies detoxification process, leaving your skin glowing, strengthening your immune system flushing waste toxins out of your system.

Combining gentle warmth, and relaxed muscles, being in a warm room at the end of your yoga class can lead you into a deeper state of relaxation promoting stress relief.  Its like lying on the beach under an afternoon sun.

What should I bring to my first yoga class?

  • A bottle of water! We also have a filter water dispenser for you to replenish your bottle after your yoga workout.
  • Clothes that you feel comfortable to sweat in.

  • We provide mats, however some students like to lay a towel over their mat. Bring your own towel, or hire one of ours.

  • We have shower facilities, shampoo and body wash.  

  • An open and positive attitude.  Yoga is a practice for yourself.  Be kind to your body, listen in and do what feels right for you on any given day.

Are bookings essential or may I walk in for a class?
We have a maximum capacity for 45 mats per class. To avoid disappointment, book online through the schedule page, or using the Mindbody app.

How long is each class?
Most of our classes are 1 hour long.  Our 6am and lunch time classes are 45-minutes, aiming to give you a strong practice whilst still able to leave you feeling replenished and relaxed at the end of class. Over the weekend we have a few 75-minute classes giving you the luxury of an extended yoga class, expect a bit of yoga play, and a long savasana.  All 45 and 75 minute classes are marked on the schedule.

Why can't I arrive late to class?
Warming up your body is critical to enjoying the benefits of yoga in a safe manner. When you are late, you run the risk of jumping into a yoga movement that your body is not ready for. When you are late, your yoga teacher cannot ask you beforehand if you have an injury. Having students enter the studio for class late can disrupt the teacher in flow or the students in an opening meditation. For these reasons, we do not allow late entry into our classes. We appreciate your understanding.

What time should I arrive for my class?
Please arrive 10-minutes before your scheduled class time.  This gives you time to sign in, change, and get yourself settled onto your mat.

What should I eat or drink before class?
As you will be sweating throughout your hot yoga class, we advise that you drink 1-2L of water at least 2-hours before class, ideally in small sips throughout the day rather than a litre at a time. If you are attending our 6am class, start hydrating yourself the moment you wake up.  After class you will need to rehydrate with water and possibly an electrolyte.  

Try not to eat a big heavy meal prior to taking class, small snacks are perfect to keep your energy up.