Ann Le


At the start of 2012, Ann had her first taste of yoga. Full of New Year resolutions and keen to explore something new, it wasn’t long before she dived into her yoga practice. Not only was yoga more challenging than her initial impressions of it, the physical movements felt infinitely more natural within her body. The mat was the place for her.

Whilst Ann’s physical practice became more frequent, she came to the realisation that a sense of calm and inner confidence was starting to assert itself off the mat, and into her often stressful corporate life.

Ann’s classes are generally sequenced in a playful and supportive flow style, with thoughtful variations and a focus on alignment. Ann is conscious to provide the space for both beginners, and for those who want a more challenging practice. In guiding students in their practice, her hope is to help others find their own personal connection and leave with a feeling of lightness.

Dominique Nguyen