Angela Jessup


Teaching Vinyasa, Yin and Prenatal yoga, Ange’s classes are from the heart, and fuelled by her genuine love and respect for the practice she is in awe of. Like many, her love for the practice started with asana, but it now touches every single part of her life off the mat and continues to evolve each and every day.

By sharing her knowledge, intelligent sequencing and yogic philosophy, her aim is to take students on a journey and hopes to inspire students to become the best version of themselves possible and cultivating a deeper connection with the Self.

Ange has been guided through her teaching journey by Duncan Peak, Noelle Connolly and Sarah Owens and is certified as a Level 1 Gendai Reiki-Ho practitioner.

Her thirst for knowledge and endless curiosity means she is and always will be a student to the practice, and she loves sharing her insights and learnings with the community.

Dominique Nguyen