Turn Inward with Vicki Smart

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Date:  Saturday 19th January 2019
Time: 12.30pm - 2.30pm

During our days it's easy to live outside ourselves. With the many distractions of day to day life, we can end up caught in our heads, and outside our bodies. 

Come back to yourself with Vicki in a specially crafted two hour workshop designed to introduce you to the many layers of  a meditation practice. 

From the complex simplicity of sitting with your breath, to a mantra practice, this workshop will offer something to both the beginner, and the seasoned meditator. 

We will explore many different practices so that you can become aware of what works for you, and you will gain insight on starting a regular practice of sitting, or just get comfortable with stillness. 

Please bring a notepad and pen for insights, and wear comfortable clothing. We will begin with a short gentle asana practice to ensure our sitting is comfortable.'

Everyone welcome. Bookings Essential

Dominique Nguyen